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Welcome to my world!

I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to a unique and exciting opportunity to spend time with famous people from all walks of life and periods of history as you become immersed in a moving and memorable historic experience you will never forget!

  • Soak in the atmosphere as you hear the stories, handle the artifacts and documents, and tap your feet to historic music played on 30 instruments!
  • Go ahead and ask questions you always wondered about.
  • Laugh or even shed a tear as you actually experience the powerful stories up close and personal.
  • Wonder at how these remarkable characters were able to face danger, intrigue, tragedy, failure and triumph!
  • Take time to examine artifacts and handle primary documents that changed the course of history- like a mini-museum!
  • Your group will be talking about this experience long after the program is over- just the way it should be!

As you review the following pages and variety of programs offered by Lamar, just click on the highlighted items that will bring you even more details!

Meet the Performer: Read Lamar Banister's unique biography and credentials to learn why his programs offer far more value and span a wider range of experiences offered anywhere else.   

Slideshow of Characters: See photos of Lamar's numerous "cast of characters" and programs along with details of each.

Testimonials: Read what important people are saying about Lamar's unique and exciting historic presentations. 

Dynamic Programs: View even more details regarding presentations, staging, modifications and pricing policies for the vast array of indoor or outdoor programs available to a wide range of audiences and venues, all custom-designed for your edutainment pleasure!


Lamar Banister

2417 Stuts Lane

Richmond, Va. 23236

Phone: 804-745-8063

Cell: 804-698-9845

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